Exploring the Inner Journey 


Is personal transformation calling you? 

So many of us are being called to wake up to our true nature. To heal our wounds. To be of service.

Exploring the Inner Journey is an 8-session course for people beginning or deepening their path of personal transformation. Get the information, tools, resources, and community you need to navigate personal and spiritual growth.

Facilitated by guides Barb Largent and Hillary Hurst at the beautiful new Hanai: A Community Building, you'll explore and experience the path of transformation and learn energetic and archetypal foundations to support your journey. 

What You'll Learn in the Course

Exploring the Inner Journey is designed to give you a map and backpack of tools at the trailhead of your transformative journey, including: 

  • Grounding - Energetically grounding in your body to feel safer and more autonomous

  • Container-building - Creating an inner and outer space for personal healing and journeying

  • Releasing - Cleanly shedding negative energy and emotions

  • Inner Narrative - Gaining awareness of inner beliefs and shifting them to be more empowering

  • Protectors - Identifying your inner essence, nurturer and protector so you feel safer to be yourself 

Who is this course designed for? 

This course is for people who hear the call of transformation and need tools and support for the journey. The call may be a personal upheaval, a gut feeling, a profound sense of wanting to serve the world more deeply. It can be noticing clocks at 11:11, surprising synchronicities, or waking to your intuition. Trust whatever calls you to this course.

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$499, payable to Barbara Largent Healing

Limited scholarships available--contact us to find out more. ​

$499, payable to Barbara Largent Healing

Limited scholarships available--contact us to find out more. ​


Course Schedule

We'll begin together and break into two groups, one that will meet on Tuesdays and one that meets on Thursdays (we'll pick groups during the day-long class). Each group will work three weeks with Barb and three weeks with Hillary (with a one-week break in between). The course will culminate in a final gathering for all participants.  

Sat, 9/18:    Calling in our container (all participants)


Group 1:     Tuesdays 9/21-10/5, 10/19-11/2

Break (week of 10/11)

6:30-8:30 PM

Group 2:     Thursdays 9/23-10/7, 10/21-11/4

Break (week of 10/11)

  6:30-8:30 PM

Fri, 11/12:   Experiential capstone + sacred play

(all participants)



All gatherings will take place in person at Hanai: A Community Building, 62430 Eagle Road, Bend, unless otherwise noted. In the spirit of community, we ask everyone to wear masks to help us protect one another.  

  • One day-long experiential seminar with all participants to start the journey

  • 3-week course with Barb focusing on foundational energetics

  • 3-week course with Hillary focusing on personal narrative and healing space

  • A culminating evening of synthesis and sacred play

  • An invitation to an all-participant weekend retreat to gather, practice and play

  • Tools and resources to help you stay balanced and grounded on your journey

  • Community to support you along the way

This Course Includes:

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$499, payable to Barbara Largent Healing

Limited scholarships available--contact us to find out more. ​

$499, payable to Barbara Largent Healing

Limited scholarships available--contact us to find out more. ​

Course Guides

Barb b-w lotus.jpg

About Barb Largent

Barb Largent, MD, practiced traditional family medicine for six years before transitioning into healing work, studying therapeutic modalities that explore how the flow of energy in the body affects physical, emotional and spiritual health. Today, she uses her hands, mind, heart and intuition to help clients remove energy blocks to foster more profound personal healing.

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Photo by Carol Sternkopf


About Hillary Hurst

A retired therapist, Hillary Hurst, LMFT/LPC, has been a metaphysical healer for over four decades, offering Tarot, palmistry and intuitive consultations. Today, she connects people to the transformational power of collective healing. A presenter at TEDxBend in 2018, Hillary studied with and shares the teachings of African spiritualist Sobonfu Somé and palmist Amrit Singh Modi. 

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To keep all participants safe, healthy and social distanced, we are limiting enrollment to 20 total participants. If you are interested in participating, we encourage you to register today. 

Limited Enrollment

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What Is Seasoned Bridges? 

Exploring our extraordinary messes.

Gathering our gifts.

Cultivating a toolbox to thrive in this new era.

- Hillary Hurst


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